Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to 1.3.1
Saṅgāravasuttaṃ (The Questions of Saṅgāravo)

     Although it had been his genuine aspiration to sacrifice his own liberation so he could become a Sammasambuddha himself to help other beings to come out of their ignorant suffering and cross the further shore, the Buddha had been reluctantly to teach the Dhamma. Before the Buddha finally set out on the full moon day of Āsāḷha from the Bodhimaṇḍala at Bodhgaya, the place of his enlightenment to disseminate the Dhamma, it needed the request of Brahma Sahampati, the ruler of the Brahma worlds, to pledge the Buddha to teach the Dhamma to the people inspite of his hesitation:

     ’ Desetu, bhante, bhagavā dhammaṃ, desetu sugato dhammaṃ. Santi sattā apparajakkhajātikā,

assavanatā dhammassa parihāyanti, bhavissanti dhammassa aññātāro’

     “May the Bhagavā teach, oh Bhante, the Dhamma. May the Wellgone One teach the Dhamma. There are beings with little defilements, if they do not hear the Dhamma, they will come to ruin! They will understand the Dhamma!

     “Uṭṭhehi vīra vijitasaṅgāma; satthavāha aṇaṇa vicara loke.

desassu bhagavā dhammaṃ; aññātāro bhavissantī”ti.

     “Arise, great hero! You have succeeded in your battle!

    Leader of the caravan, you have freed yourself from debt walking in this world!

May the Baghavā teach the Dhamma, there will be people who will comprehend it!”

     The Buddha finally, after surveying the world realized that there were some people able to receive and readily accept his teaching and would accomplish crossing the ocean of misery.

     The Saṅgāravasutta is taken from the Aṅguttaranikāyo, Dasakanipāta, the chapter with ten, and replies to the question of the Brāhmiṇ Saṅgārava, how this ocean of misery can be crossed. The direct answer of the Buddha offers an oportunity to pronunce the constituents of the Eightfold Noble Path.

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