1.3.0  So Few out of Many Human

So few are there amongst human beings to go beyond the further shore

The majority of them keeps running up and down the hither shore

But those who follow accordingly the Dhamma, truly well expounded

These people will reach the other shore and surpass the realm of death so hard to cross

Giving up the states of darkness let the wise man cultivate the states of brightness

Giving up home for homelessness, dwelling in solitude where desires are far away

In this way one should seek the bliss of those having abandoned those with nothing left to hold

Let thus the Wise One’s purify—cleaning themselves from the defilements of the mind

Who rightly cultivate the mind—growing in the factors of enlightenment

Enjoying to be cleansed of attachments, to be free from clinging

Their mental defilements stand destroyed, resplendent in this world are they,

the Liberated One’s

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