Conjugation of a-ending verbal base (bhāsa)

bhāsati = speaks

Singular Plural
Third Person bhāsatu bhāsantu
Second Person bhāsa/bhāsāhi bhāsatha
First Person bhāsāmi bhāsāma

While translating these verbs indicating the Imperative Mood, we use expressions like – ‘Let’, ‘May’, ‘Please’, or ‘Do’ (expressing an order / command / advice). We will learn about these expressions in detail, while translating sentences containing verbs in Imperative Mood.

Please Note : The conjugated forms that are underlined in the above table are the same as in the Present Tense (terminations ‘tha’, ‘mi’ and ‘ma’). However, from the context in the Suttas, we can identify the Tense or Mood – i.e. whether the verb indicates Present Tense or Imperative Mood – and translate the sentence accordingly.
This pattern of conjugation holds good across all the verbal bases and roots.


Conjugation of ā-ending verbal base (kiṇā)

kiṇāti = buys, purchases

Singular Plural
Third Person kiṇātu kiṇantu
Second Person kiṇa/kiṇāhi kiṇātha
First Person kiṇāmi kiṇāma


Conjugation of o-ending verbal base (karo)

karoti = does, performs

Singular Plural
Third Person karotu karontu
Second Person karo/karohi karotha
First Person karomi karoma


Conjugation of e-ending verbal base (dese)

deseti = teaches

Singular Plural
Third Person desetu desentu
Second Person dese/desehi desetha
First Person desemi desema


Conjugation of e-ending verbal base, alternate form (desaya)

desayati = teaches

Singular Plural
Third Person desayatu desayantu
Second Person desaya/desayāhi desayatha
First Person desayāmi desayāma


Conjugation of √

hoti = is

Singular Plural
Third Person hotu hontu
Second Person hohi hotha
First Person homi homa


Conjugation of √bhū

bhavati = is

Singular Plural
Third Person bhavatu bhavantu
Second Person bhava/bhavāhi bhavatha
First Person bhavāmi bhavāma


Conjugation of √as

atthi = is

Singular Plural
Third Person atthu santu
Second Person ahi attha
First Person asmi/amhi asma/amha/asmā/amhā
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