1.4.7 Pursuing their own Good*

By the power of this sutta the Yakkhas do not show fearful visions.

A person who is engaged in and practising metta day and night

sleeps peacefully, and while sleeping,

does not have bad dreams.

Endowed with such qualities,

Let us recite this paritta.

One who is skilled in welfare

and who wishes to attain the ultimate peace,

should be able, upright, very upright,

soft-spoken, gentle, and humble.

One should be contented, easily supported,

with few involvements and few wants,

with senses calmed, discreet,

not impudent, and not be greedily attached to families.

One should not commit the slightest wrong

for which one might be censured by the wise.

May all beings be happy and secure,

may they be happy within themselves.

*Karaṇīyametta Suttaṃ: karaṇīya + metta + suttaṃ: what ought to be done + Mettā + sutta

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