1.4.3 Verses for Protection*

“Whether gone to the forest, to the root of a tree or dwelling in an empty space,

You should remember the Sammāsambuddha, and whatever fear you behold will pass away,

If you do not recall the Buddha, the highest in the world, the foremost of men

Then you should remember the Dhamma, leading to salvation, so well explained,

But if you don’t recall the Dhamma, leading to salvation, so well explained,

Then remember the Saṅgha, this endless field of merit,

If in this manner you remember either the Buddha, the Dhamma or the Saṅgha, Bhikkhu

Fear, stupefaction and your hair’s standing on end will no more be.”

*Dhajaggasuttaṃdhajagga: banner, emblem

Pāli and English side-by-side (with audio) 1.4.3

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