In this course, along with the grammar topics we will also read and try to understand a few Pali suttas. We will try to add a sutta or two at the end of each Unit.

Let us start this ‘introduction to Pali texts’ with a few verses from Dhammapada. We will read Dhammapada verses along with their translation and get acquainted with the story behind these verses.

Here is Nandattheravatthu – the story of venerable Nanda corresponding to Dhammapada verses 13-14.

A part of the above story can be found in Nandasutta which is part of Udāna in Khuddakanikāya.

The original Pali Sutta can be read at the following site :

English translations of the sutta can be found at :

The following site gives the Pali Sutta along with word-for-word English translation.

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