Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to 1.4.4: Araññasuttaṃ
(Serene Dwelling in the Forest)

     The Araññasutta again is chosen from the Saṃyuttanikāyo, Sagāthāvaggo, this time from the Devatāsaṃyuttaṃ, the questions of Devās. Here a Devatā is addressing the Buddha in verses. She expresses her surprise that these Bhikkhus live such a simple, restrained life and their appearance still is so serene. The commentary mentions that the Buddha’s reply shows that by meditation the mind becomes tranquil, the blood circulation gets smoothed, the physical appearance improves and gets cleansed: Tesañca evaṃ nisinnānaṃ balavacittekaggatā uppajjati. Tato visabhāgasantati vūpasammati, sabhāgasantati okkamati, cittaṃ pasīdati. Citte pasanne lohitaṃ pasīdati, cittasamuṭṭhānāni upādārūpāni parisuddhāni honti, vaṇṭā pamuttatālaphalassa viya mukhassa vaṇṇo hoti. - In this way sitting down to them arises a strong one-pointedness of mind. Thus the duration of uneven portions gets extinguished, the duration of even portions gets developed and the mind purified. With the purified mind blood gets cleaned, matter subsisting and arising from mind is utterly pure, the features become like the freed fruit on the stalk of the Palmyra tree.

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