Navaṅgasāsana (Ninefold teaching)

Also called Navaṅgabuddhasāsana or Navaṅgasatthusāsana (the ninefold teaching of the Buddha)

Before the adoption of the above mentioned division of Tipiṭaka into various collections, the teachings of the Buddha were referred to as the ninefold division of the Dhamma. The Buddha himself refers to this classification at many places in the Tipiṭaka.

These nine categories of the teachings are:

  1. Sutta (the discourses - prose)
  2. Geyya (mixed prose and verse)
  3. Veyyākaraṇa (expositions)
  4. Gāthā (verses)
  5. Udāna (inspired utterances)
  6. Itivuttaka (quotations)
  7. Jātaka (birth stories)
  8. Abbhutadhamma (amazing accounts)
  9. Vedalla (questions-and-answers)
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