Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to 1.3.6
Tamotamasuttaṃ (From Darkness or Brightness to Brightness or Darkness )

     After the Buddha had thus surveyed the world and recognized Brahmā Sahampati, the Brahmā understood that the Buddha was now dedicated to disseminate his teaching which the Buddha confirmed with the following stanza:

“Disvāna brahmānaṃ sahampatiṃ gāthāya paccabhāsi–

Apārutā tesaṃ amatassa dvārā;

ye sotavanto pamuñcantu saddhaṃ;

vihiṃsasaññī paguṇaṃ na bhāsiṃ;

dhammaṃ paṇītaṃ manujesu brahme”ti.

O’ Brahmā, now the door of the deathless is opened,

Open for those to hear, let them dissolve their faith!

Considering my wearisome fatigue, I did not teach,

That sublime Dhamma to mankind.

     It is due to Brahmā Sahampati that the Buddha opened the door to the deathless. He offered inclined people living in darkness to perceive brightness; he enabled inclined people living in brightness to remain in brightness. The sublime Dhamma is still available, the magnificent teaching of Vipassana is accessible, let us endeavour to belong to one of the two categories that are moving towards brightness!

Pāli lesson (with audio) 1.3.6

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