Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to 1.3.4
Catutthavaggo (The Few and the Many)

     When the Bhagavā surveyed the world full of compassion with his Buddha-eye because of the repeated entreaties of Brahma Sahampati, he perceived beings, whose mental capacities were only slightly covered by dust, those whose mental capacities were completely covered by dust, beings of sharp faculties and beings of dull faculties. There were beings of good disposition, beings of poor disposition, some suitable for instruction, some unsuitable for instruction, beings that were aware of the dangers of future lives and unwholesome actions, and those who did not care:

Atha kho bhagavā brahmuno ca ajjhesanaṃ viditvā sattesu ca kāruññataṃ paṭicca buddhacakkhunā lokaṃ volokesi. Addasā kho bhagavā buddhacakkhunā lokaṃ volokento satte apparajakkhe mahārajakkhe tikkhindriye mudindriye svākāre dvākāre suviññāpaye duviññāpaye, appekacce paralokavajjabhayadassāvine viharante, appekacce na paralokavajjabhayadassāvine viharante.

Pāli lesson (with audio) 1.3.4

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