Verse 42

सब्बदा सम्मोसमुत्तो, 
सम्मोहमुत्तो सब्बथा; 
सब्बधि सन्तापमुत्तो, 
बुद्धं तं पणमाम्यहं.
Sabbadā sammosamutto,
Sammohamutto sabbathā; 
Sabbadhi santāpamutto, 
Buddhaṃ taṃ paṇamāmyahaṃ.
I bow to the Buddha,
        Who was always free from confusion, 
        In every way unobstructed from infatuation, 
        In every respect liberated from burning. 


  1. sabbadā sammosamutto - always free from confusion
  2. sammosa - confusion, bewilderment, infatuation
  3. sammohamutto - free from infatuation
  4. sabbathā - in every way
  5. sabbadhi - in every respect
  6. santāpamutto - liberated from burning
  7. santāpa + mutto - torment, grief + liberated, freed
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