1.3.5 The Frog Transforms into a Deva*

Once before I was a frog, a water dwelling being
While I was listening to the Dhamma preached by you I was killed by a cowherd
A moment of mind’s clarity resulted in this power of mine that you can witness,
My strength, my complexion and my brightness that you can behold
Those who have for a long period of time heard the Dhamma preached by Gotama,
Have attained that immovable place, gone there they do not grieve

*Maṇḍūkadevaputtavimānavatthu: maṇḍūka + deva + putta + vimāna + vatthu — frog + deva + son + mansion + ground

Pāli and English side-by-side (with audio) 1.3.5

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