Verse 6

यथावादी तथाकारी,
तथपत्तो तथागतो;
यथाकारी तथावादी,
बुद्धं तं पणमाम्यहं.
Yathāvādī tathākārī,
Tathapatto tathāgato;
Yathākārī tathāvādī,
Buddhaṃ taṃ paṇamāmyahaṃ.
I bow to the Buddha
Whatever he preached he practised accordingly,
Having attained the highest truth,
He is known as the Tathāgata,
Practising whatever he taught.


  1. yathāvādī - as he teaches
  2. tathākārī - that he practises
  3. tathapatto - attained the highest truth
  4. tathāgato - known as the Tathāgata
  5. yathākārī - practising
  6. tathāvādī - whatever he teaches
    (yathā – tathā (rel.adv. – dem.adv) in what way/manner – in that way/manner)
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