3.6.4 Result of Ignorance*

“Thus has been heard by me. At one time the Bhagavā was staying at Savatthi, in Anathapindika’s park in Jeta’s grove. At that time a number of boys were obstructing a fish between Savatthi and Jeta’s grove.

In the forenoon  the Bhagavā, after having dressed in his robe and taking his bowl and robe, entered Savatthi for alms. The Bhagavā saw these boys obstructing a fish between Savatthi and Jeta’s grove. Seeing these boys he approached them. Having approached  them  he addressed the boys thus:

“Are you boys afraid of pain? Is pain disagreeable to you?”
“Yes lord, we are afraid of pain. Pain is disagreeable to us.”

Having realised the significance of this meaning the Bhagavā uttered at that occasion the following exclamation:

“If you are afraid of pain, if pain is disagreeable to you,
You should not perform any evil deed, neither open nor in secret.
Because if you perform evil deeds now or in future,
Then there can be no release of pain for you even if you try to run away”.


Kumārakasuttaṃ: Kumāraka + suttaṃ: boys + sutta

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