3.4.4 The Consequences of Wrong Speech*

This was said by the Bhagavā, this was said by the Arahat and heard by me.

“That person, O, Bhikkhus, who transgresses this one thing there is I dare say no evil deed whatsoever he would not perform. What is this one thing?
This, O’ Bhikkhus, is telling a lie consciously.”

This matter has been explained by the Bhagavā. In connection with this he said:

“For a person who speaks falsehood and transgresses in this one thing,
He thus gives up concern for the world beyond,
There does not exist an evil deed he might not perform.”

This has been said by the Bhagavā, this has been heard by me.

* Musāvādasuttaṃ: musā + vāda + suttaṃ: wrong + speech + suttaṃ
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