1.2.5 So Rare!*

… Having fulfilled his duties for the morning and having sat down in the perfumed chamber to minister and wash his feet the Bhagavā put away his footstool and addressed the Bhikkhusaṅgha:

“Bhikkhus, strive ardently!

The appearance of a Buddha is difficult to be encountered in this world.

It is so difficult to achieve birth as a human being.

It is so rare to acquire these attainments,

it is so rare to live a life as someone who has left the household and it is

so rare to be able to listen to the true Dhamma.” …

*Brahmajālasuttavaṇṇanā: brahma + jāla — Brahmin + net, entanglement;
vaṇṇanā — explanation, it is used to express the commentarial expositions

Pāli and English side-by-side (with audio) 1.2.5

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