Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to 3.2.2
(What is Right View?)

It was said: (3.2.1) May the following lessons inspire to dive into deeper understanding of the first necessary link of the Ario Aṭṭhaṅgiko Maggaṃ being a mandatory pre-requisite to realize the remaining one’s in order to come into the possession of the essence of the highest goal, which is Nibbāna!

This is highlighted in the sutta about the forerunner, the Pubbaṅgamasuttaṃ,1 Aṅguttaranikāyo, Dasakanipātapāḷi, Paccorohaṇivaggo, where it is said: - ‘‘Sūriyassa, bhikkhave, udayato2 etaṃ pubbaṅgamaṃ etaṃ pubbanimittaṃ3, yadidaṃ – aruṇuggaṃ4. Evamevaṃ kho, bhikkhave, kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ etaṃ pubbaṅgamaṃ etaṃ pubbanimittaṃ, yadidaṃ – sammādiṭṭhi. Sammādiṭṭhikassa5, bhikkhave, sammāsaṅkappo pahoti6, sammāsaṅkappassa sammāvācā pahoti, sammākammanto pahoti, sammākammantassa sammāājīvo pahoti, sammāājīvassa sammāvāyāmo pahoti, sammāvāyāmassa sammāsati pahoti, sammāsatissa sammāsamādhi pahoti, sammāsamādhissa sammāñāṇaṃ pahoti, sammāñāṇissa sammāvimutti pahotī’’ti. –

The dawn, O’ Bhikkhus, is the forerunner and precursor of the rising of the sun. In the same way right view is the forerunner and precursor of wholesome states. For one of right view, Bhikkhus, right thought originates. For one of right thought, right speech originates. For one right speech, right action originates. For one right action, right livelihood originates. For one right livelihood, right effort originates. For one right effort, right awareness originates. For one right mindfulness, right concentration originates. For one right concentration, right knowledge originates. For one right knowledge, right liberation originates.

May the lessons on sammādiṭṭhi inspire more and more people to sincerely aspire to realize sammādiṭṭhi not only as a logical, intellectual prerequisite for further development but also to strive for inside-realization and thus to realize sammādiṭṭhi as base and prerequisite in depth, being the forerunner of the remaining links of the Ariyo Aṭṭhaṅgiko Maggo!

[1] There are various forerunners, as may be seen from the quotation on kalyāṇamitta, being a forerunner as good and virtuous friend, whose advise is beneficial, as a guide on the path who encourages, supports and leads towards liberation (see lesson 3.1.7).

[2] udayato: rise

[3] pubbanimittaṃ: pubba + nimittaṃ: before + sign

[4] aruṇuggaṃ: aruṇa + uggaṃ: dawn; the sun + rise: sunrise

[5] sammādiṭṭhikassa: sammādiṭṭhi + ko +gen.: the suffix ko here indicates possession: ‘holding right view’. Although the following links are all with the Genitive-, Dative-ending and may also be translated as: ‘from right view right thought arises’……… the translation ‘for one of’ is maintained to convey the sense.

[6] pahoti, pabhavati: to procede from, to originate

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