2.1.9 About Being a Sāmañña and the Fruits thereof*

This was laid down in Sāvatthi:

“I will teach you, oh Bhikkhus, what is recluse-ship and what are the fruits of recluseship. Therefore listen!

What, oh Bhikkhus, is recluse-ship? It is this very Noble Eightfold Path, which is right view, … pe … right concentration. This is, oh Bhikkhus, what is called recluse-ship.

What, oh Bhikkhus, are the fruits of recluse-ship? These are the fruit of entering the stream, the fruit of one-returning, the fruit of non-returning and the fruit of becoming an arahant. These, oh Bhikkhus, are the fruits of recluse-ship.”


* Paṭhamasāmaññasuttaṃ: Paṭhama + sāmañña + suttaṃ: First + sāmañña + sutta

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