1.4.4 Seven Befitting Qualities of an Ariyan Disciple*

“How, Mahānāma, does a noble disciple get established in these seven befitting qualities?

Here Mahānāma, a Bhikkhu has faith, he has full confidence in the enlightenment of the Tathāgata in the following way: ‘Thus is he, the Bhagavā, and Arahant, a fully Enlightened One, perfect in knowledge and conduct, having reached the final goal, knower of the entire universe, an incomparable trainer of mankind, a teacher of Gods and men, an Enlightened One, a Bhagavā.’

He also maintains a sense of shame, is ashamed of misconduct in body, speech and mind, is ashamed of performing any unwholesome evil actions.

He also maintains a sense of dread, is fearful of misconduct in body, speech and mind, is fearful of performing any unwholesome evil actions.

He is full of learning, keeps in mind what he has learned and consolidates what he has heard. Those teachings that he has learned abundantly are beneficial in the beginning, beneficial in the middle, and beneficial in the end, they encompass correct wording full of meaning, they are complete in itself, utterly pure and displaying the holy life; he remembered them well, attended to them verbally (recited them), examined and comprehended them fully by correct view.

He is employing unyielding energy to abandon unwholesome states, in acquiring wholesome states; he is resolute of firm exertion and does not put down his obligation in developing wholesome states.

He maintains awareness, is endowed in the highest awareness and prudence, he remembers and maintains a recollection of what was done long ago or said long ago.

He is wise, he is endowed with the wisdom of arising and passing that is noble and penetrative and leads to the complete elimination of suffering.

This, Mahānāma, is how a noble disciple gets established in these seven befitting qualities?”

* Sekhasuttaṃ: sekha: trainee, learner

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