Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to 1.4.2 Vandana: Esa Bhagavato sāvaka-saṅgho
(The Aryian Disciples)

     We pay our deep respect expressing to all “those who have practised correctly” having entered on a way that is the correct way, the right way, a way irreversible, a way in conformity, a way without opposition, a way in accordance with Dhamma.

     Tattha suppaṭipannoti suṭṭhu paṭipanno, sammāpaṭipadaṃ anivattipaṭipadaṃ anulomapaṭipadaṃ apaccanīkapaṭipadaṃ dhammānudhammapaṭipadaṃ paṭipannoti vuttaṃ hoti.

     Thus, it is the right way, being straight, not crooked, not curved, not bent, it is called noble and righteous, it is described as befitting and proper. Thus it is also said the Ariya Saṅgho are those who have practised uprightly, who have practised wisely, those who have practised properly.

     Yasmā pana sā sammāpaṭipadā uju avaṅkā akuṭilā ajimhā, ariyo ca ñāyotipi vuccati, anucchavikattā ca sāmīcītipi saṅkhaṃ gatā. Tasmā tampaṭipanno ariyasaṅgho ujuppaṭipanno ñāyappaṭipanno sāmīcippaṭipannotipi vutto. (Visuddhimaggo, Saṅghānussatikathā)

     To all we pay our deep respect!

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