Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to Lesson 1.3.7
Hirīsuttaṃ (By Sense of Shame)

     These verses from the first part of the Saṃyuttanikāyo, the Sagāthāvaggo open in general with praise, a question or even a riddle expressed by a devatā in a couplet and are answered by the Buddha in the same manner and meter. While the next chapter of the Saṃyuttanikāyo, the Devaputtasaṃyuttaṃ mentions the names of certain devas or devaputtas, in the Devatāsaṃyuttaṃ, those beings, who ask for guidance are mostly anonymous. Devas are beings dwelling in the four celestial fields above the human world but are in need of guidance and instruction in the same way as the human beings. Nandana is the pleasure garden in the world of the Gods of the Tāvatiṃsa world which gives delight and joy. It is said that someone who has not seen Nandana, the splendid abode of the devas, does not know what bliss is:

“Na te sukhaṃ pajānanti, ye na passanti nandanaṃ;

āvāsaṃ naradevānaṃ, tidasānaṃ yasassinan”ti.

Pāli lesson (with audio) 1.3.7

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