Verse 77

पन्‍नासज्‍जो पन्‍नासत्तो, 
पन्‍नालम्हो पन्‍नालयो;
पन्‍नसूलो पन्‍नसल्‍लो, 
बुद्धं तं पणमाम्यहं.  
Pannāsajjo pannāsatto,
Pannālamho pannālayo; 
Pannasūlo pannasallo, 
Buddhaṃ taṃ paṇamāmyahaṃ. 
I bow to the Buddha,
Who gave up attachment and clinging
And every support and all lust
And all stakes and spikes (the piercing stings of craving and sorrow).


      panna - gone, fallen
      sajjo - prepared, ready
      asatto - non attached, not clinging
      ālambo - without support
      ālayo - attachment, desire
      sūlo - stake
      sallo - spike, thorn, arrow, dart
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