Verse 73

खेमप्पत्तो खेमङ्गतो, 
अग्गप्पत्तो अग्गङ्गतो; 
सिवप्पत्तो सिवङ्गतो, 
बुद्धं तं पणमाम्यहं.
Khemappatto khemaṅgato, 
Aggappatto aggaṅgato; 
Sivappatto sivaṅgato, 
Buddhaṃ taṃ paṇamāmyahaṃ.
I bow to the Buddha,
Who attained the highest 
and most excellent state of tranquillity and security, 
And achieved happiness and bliss.


  1. khemappatto - tranquillity, security, safety + attained
  2. khemaṅgato - tranquillity, security, safety + gone to
  3. sivappatto - happiness + achieved
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