Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

1.3.1 Saṅgāravasuttaṃ - The Questions of Saṅgāravo

Saṅgāravasuttaṃ The Questions of Saṅgāravo
Atha kho saṅgāravo brāhmaṇo yena bhagavā tenupasaṅkami; upasaṅkamitvā bhagavatā saddhiṃ sammodi. Then the Brāhmin Saṅgāravo approached the Bhagavā. Having approached the Bhagavā he greeted him courteously.
Sammodanīyaṃ kathaṃ sārāṇīyaṃ vītisāretvā ekamantaṃ nisīdi. After the exchange of friendly and polite greetings and the exchange of a reminiscent tale he sat down at one side.
Ekamantaṃ nisinno kho saṅgāravo brāhmaṇo bhagavantaṃ etadavoca– Having sat down at one side the Brāhmin Saṅgāravo addressed the Bhagavā thus:
“Kiṃ nu kho, bho gotama, orimaṃ tīraṃ, kiṃ pārimaṃ tīran”ti? “What now then, friend Gotama, is the hither shore, what is the farther shore?”
“Micchādiṭṭhi kho, brāhmaṇa, orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammādiṭṭhi pārimaṃ tīraṃ, “Wrong view, oh Brāhmin, is the hither shore; right view is the farther shore;
micchāsaṅkappo orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammāsaṅkappo pārimaṃ tīraṃ; wrong thought is the hither shore; right thought is the farther shore;
micchāvācā orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammāvācā pārimaṃ tīraṃ; wrong speech is the hither shore; right speech is the farther shore;
micchākammanto orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammākammanto pārimaṃ tīraṃ; wrong action is the hither shore; right action is the farther shore;
micchā-ājīvo orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammā-ājīvo pārimaṃ tīraṃ; wrong livelihood is the hither shore; right livelihood is the farther shore;
micchāvāyāmo orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammāvāyāmo pārimaṃ tīraṃ; wrong effort is the hither shore; right effort is the farther shore;
micchāsati orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammāsati pārimaṃ tīraṃ; wrong awareness is the hither shore; right awareness is the farther shore;
micchāsamādhi orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammāsamādhi pārimaṃ tīraṃ; wrong concentration is the hither shore; right concentration is the farther shore;
micchāñāṇaṃ orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammāñāṇaṃ pārimaṃ tīraṃ; wrong knowledge is the hither shore; right knowledge is the farther shore.
micchāvimutti orimaṃ tīraṃ, sammāvimutti pārima tīranti. wrong liberation is the hither shore; right liberation is the farther shore.
Idaṃ kho, brāhmaṇa, orimaṃ tīraṃ, idaṃ pārimaṃ tīranti.” This, oh Brahmin, is the hither shore; that is the farther shore.”
“Appakā te manussesu, ye janā pāragāmino, “So few are there amongst human beings to go beyond the farther shore,
Athāyaṃ itarā pajā, tīramevānudhāvati. The majority of them keeps running up and down the hither shore.
Ye ca kho sammadakkhāte, dhamme dhammānuvattino; But those who follow accordingly the Dhamma, truly and well expounded,
Te janā pāramessanti, maccudheyyaṃ suduttaraṃ. These people will reach the other shore and surpass the realm of death so hard to cross.
Kaṇhaṃ dhammaṃ vippahāya, sukkaṃ bhāvetha paṇḍito. Giving up the states of darkness, let the wise man cultivate the states of brightness.
Okā anokamāgamma, viveke yattha dūramaṃ. Giving up home for homelessness, dwelling in solitude where desires are far away.
Tatrābhiratimiccheyya, hitvā kāme akiñcano; In this way one should seek the bliss of those having abandoned those with nothing left to hold;
Pariyodapeyya attānaṃ, cittaklesehi paṇḍito; Let thus the Wise One’s purify— cleaning themselves from the defilements of the mind;
Yesaṃ sambodhiyaṅgesu, sammā cittaṃ subhāvitaṃ. Who rightly cultivate the mind— growing in the factors of enlightenment.
Ādānapaṭinissagge, anupādāya ye ratā. Enjoying to be cleansed of attachments, to be free from clinging,
Khīṇāsavā jutimanto, te loke parinibbutā”ti. Their mental defilements stand destroyed; resplendent in this world are they, the Liberated Ones.”

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