Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to 1.3.0
Appakā te manussesu (So Few out of Many Humans)

     The title – appakā te manussesu - so few out of many human – is chosen to introduce the second chapter with verses, that appear repeatedly in the Tipiṭaka and can be found at the end of the next three suttas. This second chapter again endeavors to indicate the good fortune that one encounters walking on the path. As it may seem natural that we live in an era where the teaching of the Buddha and the Dhamma is available both as pariyatti and paṭipatti, for someone walking on the path it may also seem quite natural that he does so, pursuing an inherent desire.

     But again: are we aware of the good fortune that pariyatti could stimulate us for paṭipatti? Are we aware, that only past acquired merits have placed us in the position of a sutavant puthujano puggalo, so we felt drawn to the teaching, trying to come out of the ignorance of an assutavā puthujano puggalo? Are we making all possible efforts with the perspective of a bhagavato sāvaka-saṅgho?
Bhagavato ovādānusāsaniṃ sakkaccaṃ suṇantīti sāvakā.

     Hearing attentively the instructions of the Bhagava thus they are his disciples!
     Did not the Buddha hesitate to start teaching the Dhamma, perceiving the ignorance of the majority of beings:

Kicchena me adhigataṃ, halaṃ dāni pakāsituṃ;
rāgadosaparetehi, nāyaṃ dhammo susambudho.
Paṭisotagāmiṃ nipuṇaṃ, gambhīraṃ duddasaṃ aṇuṃ;
rāgarattā na dakkhanti, tamokhandhena āvuṭā.’

“What I have acquired through my hard work, why should I teach it, Overcome by craving and aversion, they will not easily understand this Dhamma!’
Working hard by going against the stream those who delight in craving and whose faculties are bound to darkness
Will not see that what is subtle, profound, difficult to understand and minute!”

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