Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Introduction to 1.2.3
Dullabhasuttaṃ (Difficult to Encounter)

     This sutta again increases the number of appearances by one and relates the three appearances that are extremely rare to encounter: the one of the Tathagāta, of someone who can expound the Dhamma and the Vinaya properly in the same way as the Tathagāta, and of someone who develops gratitude and noblesse oblige.
     It is the individual decision of anyone having encountered the path and walking on it, to make all feasible efforts at one’s capacity to be considered as one amongst those people, who have developed the quality of a grateful and obliged person: kataññū katavedī puggalo. Once this quality gets established, another rare appearance manifests itself: the motivation to help other beings and to offer selfless service without expecting anything in return: Yo ca pubbakārī puggalo.


The footnote notes the link between those two exceptional qualities and refers to the respective sutta in the Dukanipātapāḷi.


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