Buddhasahassanāmāvali - Verse 34

Verse 34



दोसमुत्तो दोहमुत्तो,

देस्समुत्तो मुत्तदिसो;

ओघमुत्तो अघमुत्तो,

बुद्धं तं पणमाम्यहं.

Dosamutto dohamutto,

Dessamutto muttadiso;

Oghamutto aghamutto,

Buddhaṃ taṃ paṇamāmyahaṃ.

I bow to the Buddha,

Free from aversion, he never injured others,

Free from disagreeableness and enmity,

Liberated from the floods of depravity and sin.


  1. dosamutto - free from aversion
  2. dohamutto - free from injuring
  3. dessamutto - free from disagreeableness
  4. muttadiso - free from enmity
  5. oghamutto - free from depravity
  6. aghamutto - free from sin

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