3.6.8      The Householder’s Wholesome Blessings1


Thus have I heard:

At one time the Blessed One was dwelling in Sāvatthi at Jeta’s grove, the monastery of Anāthapiṇḍika. Then, indeed, when the night was well advanced, a certain female deva of surpassing beauty, illuminating the whole of Jeta’s grove, approached where the Buddha was. Having arrived there and respectfully saluting the Blessed One, she stood to one side.

Standing to one side the deva addressed the Blessed One in verse:


“Many devas and men have pondered on welfares,

Yearning for happiness - Please explain what is the highest welfare.”


[Buddha replies:]


“Avoidance of fools, the company of the wise,

Honor where honor is due—this is the highest welfare.


A suitable place of abode, the merit of past good deeds,

Right aspirations for oneself—this is the highest welfare.


Great learning and skill, well-mastered discipline,

Well-spoken words—this is the highest welfare.


Serving one’s parents, caring for spouse and children,

A peaceful occupation—this is the highest welfare.


Generosity, a life of Dhamma, caring for relatives,

Blameless deeds—this is the highest welfare.


Ceasing and shunning evil, refraining from intoxicants,

Vigilance in the Dhamma—this is the highest welfare


Respectfulness, humility, contentment, gratitude,

Listening to the Dhamma at the proper time—this is the highest welfare.


Forbearance, accepting guidance, beholding saintly people,

Discussion of the Dhamma at the proper time—this is the highest welfare.


Ardent practice, a life of purity, witnessing the Noble Truths,

Experiencing nibbāna—this is the highest welfare.


When faced with the vicissitudes of life, one’s mind is unshaken,

Sorrowless, stainless, secure—this is the highest welfare.


Having acted in this way, everywhere invincible,

They go everywhere safely—that is the highest welfare”.



[1] Maṅgalasuttaṃ: Maṅgala + suttaṃ: Wholesome blessings + sutta

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