3.4.5 How to Conduct Oneself Correctly in Right Speech*

….. “Abandoning wrong speech he abstains from wrong speech, he speaks the truth, holds up the truth, is trustworthy, reliable, not deceiving this world. Abandoning malicious speech he abstains from malicious speech, having heard something here he does not spread it elsewhere in order to divide these people. Having heard something there he does not spread this in order not to cause dissension amongst those people. Thus he reconciles those who have broken up and supports those who are united. He loves and finds pleasure in concord, delights in harmony and utters words that generate harmony.

Abandoning abusive speech he abstains from abusive speech. Whatever speech is polite, is soothing to the ear, is affectionate and moves the heart, is appealing to many and pleasing many, such speech he utters.

Abandoning useless talk and gossip he abstains from useless talk and gossip. He speaks at the right time about facts, what is in accordance with the goal, with Dhamma and the Vinaya. He speaks words worth treasuring, at the proper time, reasonable, full of purpose, leading to the goal….

* Upālisuttaṃ: Upāli + suttaṃ
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