Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

1.4.5 Araññasuttaṃ - Serene Dwelling in the Forest

Araññasuttaṃ Serene Dwelling in the Forest


Ekamantaṃ ṭhitā kho sā devatā bhagavantaṃ gāthāya ajjhabhāsi–

This was explained in Savatthi.

Standing at one side a certain Devatā addressed the Bhagavā in verses thus:

“Araññe viharantānaṃ, santānaṃ brahmacārinaṃ;

ekabhattaṃ bhuñjamānānaṃ, kena vaṇṇo pasīdatī”ti.

“Dwelling in the forest and living the life of saints, a holy life,

Living only on one meal, but how can their facial features be so shining?”

“Atītaṃ nānusocanti, nappajappanti nāgataṃ;

paccuppannena yāpenti, tena vaṇṇo pasīdati.

“They do not worry about the past, they do not crave for the future.

 In the present moment they do dwell, that is why their facial features are so shining.

Anāgatappajappāya, atītassānusocanā;

etena bālā sussanti, naḷova harito luto”ti.

Craving for the future, worrying about the past,

Thus the foolish people wither away like the green weed being cut off.”

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