1.4.10 Pointing Out the Way to One Who Is Lost*

… This being said, the King of Māgadha, Ajātasattu, Vedehiputta, spoke thus to Bhagavā:

“Excellent, Bhante, how wonderful! Just as, Bhante, something was knocked down and would be put up again, as if something covered would get uncovered, as if someone would point out the way to someone gone astray, as if somebody held up a shining oil lamp into darkness so that those with eyes could perceive what was there to see, in the same way, Bhante, the Bhagavā has revealed the Dhamma in various ways.

And thus, Bhante, I take refuge in the Bhagavā, the Dhamma and the Bhikkhusaṅgha.

May the Bhagavā accept me as his lay disciple from this day onwards for my whole life. Such a fault has overcome me, how foolish, such erroneous, such wicked was I that for gaining the rulership I had deprived my just father, the fair and good king of his life.

May Bhante, the Bhagavā accept my confession of this and that I may restrain from it in future.”

*Sāmaññaphalasutta: sāmañña + phala: : recluse + fruit

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